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Dragon Gate

Enter the mysterious Gates of the Dragon and be prepared for what awaits you inside! Are you willing to face off with the massive beast?


Giant Dragon

Our starting obstacle should get your blood pumping right away! Inspired by Dragon Kung Fu, this complex all-in-one challenge will test your endurance, balance and agility. You have been called – Dragon awaits you!




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Elephant Gate

Continue with your martial arts tour – we bring you to enigmatic Thailand. Kicking it off you will meet a giant elephant gate guarding the secrets of Muay Thai.


Palm Tree Forest

Enter the training camp forest and learn the basics by hitting our specially designed inflatable palm trees, then you will be ready to get through the combat area!



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Boxing Ring

Now it’s time to get in the inflatable ring and fight some tailor made targets. Show off your fastest combos and hit the multiple digits with fury! It’s up to you how hard you go – test your limit!




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Dojo Gate

Pay your respects to the Dojo by bowing and entering this gate with honour. You are in the world of Taekwondo so get ready to give your legs the most intense workout!


Drill Mat

Basic training starts on our specially designed mats, it’s easy – just follow the footsteps and do some kicking as high as you can. Speed is what will make you a true champion!



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Kick Maze

Ever been lost in a maze? Well, this one will get your cardio up with some kicking at every door. Sure you can handle it and find your way out!




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Giant Sumo

The hulking giant sumo wrestler welcomes you! Meet the giant and feel his immense presence!


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Sumo Wobble

Pushing with the whole body is something sumo wrestlers are best at. Here is your chance to try it out! And don’t worry we make it easy and fun with multiple giant wobbly sumo heads!



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Sumo Pool

Balance, power and timing is the key in this challenge. If you want to stay dry, that is!




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Yin Yang Gate

Balance is life and this enormous gate is a symbol of the energy balance.


Water Gate 

You are almost at the end of the journey and to balance it out, we help you cool down a bit after entering this mystical gate. Feel like you are in the clouds flying with the dragon.



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The Thunderstorm

In the darker spectrum of the scale, you face the water in another form. Require your 100% concentration and balance. But don’t be scared to get wet. Water is your friend!


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Big Boss

Our final obstacle is pure fun mixed with a bit of surprise. Concentrate and show us what you learned from all the other martial arts in this last and possibly the most fun thrilling challenge.