What is Dragon Run VIP pass?

Ready to take on Dragon Run like a boss? Secure your VIP pass at RM219 and join the run with priority on start time, access to VIP bag check counter and special VIP area of food and beverage offerings and private restrooms at Dragon Village, take home VIP running tee and extra goodies and receive game tokens for Dragon Village.


Do I need to have any martial arts experience to participate in the Dragon Run?

No martial arts experience is necessary! Everyone is welcome and our aim is to help you learn about each martial art and have fun doing so! Seasoned pros can expect a decent workout by pushing themselves to rock each obstacle twice as hard.


Do I need to be a well-trained runner to participate in the Dragon Run?

Nope! The run at Genting is 6K and it’s not a competition! You can, of course, choose to race your friends and other Dragon Run warriors for a more intense workout! But please do it safely and know your limits! We encourage you to stretch before the run, take necessary breaks and drink plenty water. Ask any of our Dragon Run crew if you need any assistance and walk for a few minutes after the finish line to cool down gradually.


Do I need to be very physically fit for the Dragon Run?

You can participate as long as you’re healthy. You can push yourself as hard as you want and take breaks when you need them. Our helpful Dragon Run crew will be around to assist you!


Is Dragon Village for everyone or just for the Dragon Run registered participants?

Dragon Village is for everybody! You don’t need to register or be a ticketed participant to join in on the fun. Don’t feel like running but want to support your family and friends that participate into Dragon Run? Come to the Dragon Village and be entertained while they finish the run. Cheer for them at the finish line!


Will I get wet and dirty at the Dragon Run?

Since Dragon Run is not a mud run you won’t get super dirty, but we have a couple of obstacles with water where you will get wet. Please dress appropriately and bring a change of dry clothes. There will be changing rooms at the Dragon Village. If you don’t want to get wet at all, simply skip the obstacles with water. It’s your call!


What clothing should I wear for the Dragon Run?

The Dragon Run T-Shirt included in the Runner’s Pack is made of breathable sports material and is great for running! Just dress in your most comfortable sports attire that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. And as people will get wet while going through the obstacles, some may prefer putting on an undershirt beneath just in case the T-shirt becomes transparent during the run. A word of caution, don’t wear white suede sneakers and hope they stay clean!


Does my ticket and registration include insurance? 

Yes it will cover third party liability insurance.


Is there an age or height requirement to take part in Dragon Run? 

Yes! For safety concerns, the obstacle run is open to participants aged 12 or above. Minors 12 to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the run. 


No age requirements for the Dragon Village. Admission into the Dragon Village is open to all including non-ticket holders.


Do you offer a group discount?

Yes, groups of 3 or 4 people enjoy a special discount. For further info, please click here.


Can I buy a ticket at the event?

Yes but tickets at the door are the most expensive! Get your tickets early and save. To purchase, please click here.


What is included with registration/ticket?

Admission to the Dragon Run via numbered bib and a Runner’s Pack that includes Dragon Run sports T-Shirt, towel, small rattle drum, tattoo stickers and additional goodies.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, but you will be charged a small handling fee. Please send email to Dragon Run team at


How do I confirm my start time?

When you purchase tickets there will be an option to choose your start time. Start times are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. If one start time is full, try booking another slot.  We strongly encourage you to get your tickets early to secure your preferred start time. Important: Please come to the event within the hour of your designated time!


Where do I pick up my Runner’s Pack?

Check with the ticket vendor or ask us on Facebook or Instagram. You will be required to pick up your Runner’s Pack at a specific time and place before the event. You must pick up your Runner’s Pack prior to the event.


Can I pick up someone else’s Runner’s Pack?

Yes you can! You must have that person’s authorisation and check with the ticket vendor for additional details.

Transfer & Refund

Can I transfer my registration to another start time?

Yes if another start time you like to change to is available. When you purchase tickets there will be an option to choose your start time. Start times are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. You may change start time, if it’s not full, and with an additional fee. Just contact your ticket vendor. Please get your tickets early to secure your preferred time slot!


Can I transfer my registration to another participant?

Yes! You can transfer your registration to another person. Additional fees apply. Please contact your local ticket vendor for more info.


Can I transfer my registration to another event?

Sorry but this is against our rules and regulations.


Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. No exceptions.

Tips & Support

Will there be medical assistance on site?

Yes, there will be a first aid team.


Will there be toilet facilities on site?



Are there Muslim prayer rooms or a surau on site?

Yes there is a prayer room facility inside the cable car building.


Where should I park?

There's a multi level parking at Cable Car Station and open space parking opposite to the station that you can use.


Do I need to bring water to the event?

You don’t need to. But do drink plenty of water an hour or two before the run. We will provide all the water you need during the run to keep you well-hydrated!


Any other tips to have a better Dragon Run experience?

If it’s hot and sunny during the run, please apply sunscreen and wear hat or any form of skin protection. And stay hydrated! Give yourself more space on the inflatables and don’t push people ahead of you. Think of safety first! If you see anyone in need of help, please give them a hand and notify the Dragon Run crew for further assistance. If you see anyone playing dangerously or disrespecting other participants, please inform our staff immediately! Help us maintain the best experience for everyone.