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Dragon Run Concept

Dragon Run is an obstacle race spawned from our love for martial arts and running. It hybrids the excellence of both subjects and transcends into a fresh, fun and challenging experience designed for martial arts and running fanatics of all ages. The contemporary Asian atmosphere, adrenaline boosting obstacle run, exhilarating cultural performances and yummy F&B at Dragon Village are sure to bring you enjoyment and laughers throughout the family.


How does Dragon Run work?

POW! SPLASH! KABOOM! Get ready for an action packed race with martial arts inspired obstacles, while the experience is fun yet challenging at the same time. Everyone participating is a winner. The more you exert yourself to the race, the more rewarding the experience becomes.


For every course, it will be around 6K of running route. It also will feature 5 martial arts, each with at least 3 variations of obstacles inspired by - SPIRIT – TRAINING – COMBAT OF THE MARTIAL ARTS


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Upon completion of the obstacle race, you could enjoy a festive, Asian inspired cultural atmosphere at our Dragon Village, where you will be surrounded by exotic delicious food and beverages, carnival fun, martial arts and combat demonstrations and much more. The whole family could get their share bit of fun.


What to expect at Dragon Village?

 “Dragon Village” is where Dragon Run participants, family and friends meet, gather, laugh and share the special moments together as a tribe.


This carnival like set up offers food and beverages, fun games for all ages, Sweetwalk (link to Sweetwalk website) cartoon themed inflatable bouncy castle for kids of height 85 cm or above and what more is an open space with live feed of the Dragon Run where family and friends can gather and cheer for the participants.


Is Dragon Run for me?

Dragon Run is designed for 12 years old and up, whilst the Dragon Village is for all ages. With the below mindset, participants will surely get the best out of the event and have the most satisfying experience!


Mutual respect is the key! Treat others like you would like to be treated.

Come here with a positive mindset.

Challenge yourself. Encourage others.

Don’t do anything foolish. Try not to hurt yourself.

Have a great time!


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